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International Checkpoints

Almost visitors gets in Myanmar by Air from Bangkok Thailand or from Kunming (China).



- Yangon International Airport
- Madalay Airport


Through Myanmar - Thailand border checkpoints at
  1. Tachilek
  2. Kawthaung
  3. Three Pogoda Pass
Throguh Myanmar - China checkpoints at
  1. Lweje
  2. Muse
  3. Chin Shwe Haw
  4. Mai Lar


Nan Thida Jetty


Passport & Visa & Custom

Tourist Visa requirements : two application forms, original passport and three passport-size photos. Validity one month. Cost US$20. Processing time two working days. Regulations are now relaxed for tourists arriving by air in Yangon. Completed immigration and customs declaration forms issued during the flight must be submitted on arrival. All foreign currency in excess of US$ 2,000.-, plus jewellery, cameras etc. must be recorded on the customs form and may be checked on departure. No Myanmar currency may be imported or exported. Duty free allowance is 200 cigarettes and one litre of wine or spirit. Note that export of antiques, Buddha images and gems without official dealer's receipt, is strictly prohibited. Baggage may be X-rayed or inspected before departure. Mobile phones of any type will be impounded and released on departure



On arrival at Yangon International airport, individual tourists are required to exchange a minimum of US$200 into 200 FECs (Foreign Exchange Certificates). Any unused certificates from this amount cannot be refunded. Visitors booked on an inclusive group tour package are not subject to this requirement, but if they wish, they can also purchase FECs with US Dollars or Sterling. FECs are Myanmar's second legal tender and are issued by the Bank of Myanmar specifically for visiting tourists. They come in denominations equivalent to US$20, 10, 5 and 1. Payment for FECs is only accepted in US Dollars or Sterling, in cash or travellers cheques. (credit cards sometimes accepted) One US Dollar equals one FEC (the Pound Sterling equivalent fluctuates according to the Pound-Dollar variance). FECs can be spent anywhere in the country, or exchanged into kyats at officially authorised banks, bureaux de change, hotels and Myanmar Travel and Tour offices. Cash payments can also be made in US Dollars, but only at establishments (eg, hotels, railway stations, and airlines) that have an official license allowing them to accept dollars. The FEC system (and the possibility to pay in US Dollars at numerous establishments) largely eliminates the necessity to exchange national currencies into Kyat. It is advisable to carry small denominations, as large notes may be difficult to change.





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